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Corporate Event Entertainments That Liven Your Senses

Corporate Event Entertainments That Liven Your Senses

Events are planned occasions which provide multi-sensory entertainments and information take-aways. Most memorable events remain so not just because they were fun, but rather it has stimulated various senses in an individual. Science tells us the human brain store memories based on the sensory information that people experience.

In the earlier days of event planning, corporate events used to be strictly official. These events were more of business and less of any kind of entertainment. However, with the increasing need for higher levels of engagement and balance in business, corporate event management companies are now turning their focus on to multi-sensory events.

Corporate event management companies are now experimenting with different elements to provide entertainment that engages the attendees’ senses. While most of these events use lightings and projects to stimulate sight, some take a finer step towards combining lights and sounds for a multi-sensory stimulation.

Let us take a look at some of the latest entertainment elements that are incorporated into corporate events –

Engaging Visuals

Sight is by far the most stimulated sense when it comes to organizing corporate events in Dubai. Anything that employs the sense of sight will definitely lead to a large number of social media shares for instance. Event attendees will enjoy themes, lighting, unique props, extreme visual performances and most digital projections.

For instance, a holographic projection of your upcoming company building with the right landscaping as the base will catch a lot of attention from your corporate event attendees.

Sounds that grab attention

Most events also stimulate your sense of hearing to grab your attention, convey the ideas and channel your focus towards event takeaways. Sounds can kindle memories and are known to create intense emotional responses from the audience.

Almost all corporate events create a soundscape in their event venue, that can set the mood and vibe of the event. There are sounds that increase the brain activity, like jass music for instance, which when played during program breaks, will still stimulate the audience. Even white noise, if employed correctly can create depth to your event.

The touch experience

The sense of touch offers comfort. However, when we employ them for a corporate event in Dubai, it is more inclined towards providing a hands-on tactile experience for the attendees to interact with the various elements of the event. For instance, an event which focuses on the launch of a new smartphone will be most successful if the attendees are offered a chance to use the new product and get a hands-on experience. Such an interaction etches a better image of the product in the individual’s mind.

Satisfy the nose

Just like sound waves, smell also evokes emotions through memory. Most corporate event management companies in Dubai ensure the venue to smell pleasant. These scents can improve a person’s perceptions and attitude towards that event, leaving them feeling positive.

For instance, if your company is about to introduce new flavours of ice cream, imagine giving the event attendees a glimpse into the flavour by producing mouth-watering scents. Now that is a good way to market your product better!

Tingling tastebuds

One of the most important aspects of any event is its meal menu. Tastes are attributes of culture. For instance, if a corporate event is being held in Dubai, which is known for its rich middle eastern food heritage, corporate event management companies will ensure that the meal menus offer the attendees to explore local tastes and textures.


Any event, and especially corporate events as part of a company’s marketing strategy should employ multi-sensory entertainments into their events. Senses influence the way individuals perceive the world. They affect the mood of every event attendee, which will, in turn, decide the success of your event. And this is why corporate event management companies in Dubai understand the power of multi-sensory entertainments and utilize them effectively.

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