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Corporate Events That Make A Mark

Corporate Events That Make A Mark

Live corporate events are known to help in B2B and B2C marketing of a company’s ideas and driving the business. It is one of the most effective channels for achieving your company’s business goals.

Corporate event organizers in Dubai have a lot of experience in designing and organizing events across the city and their strategy has 3 basic stages. Let’s take a look at them –

Goal setting and designing

This is the primary stage where the event is planned according to the core concept or goal. Every corporate event has a takeaway. There is an event strategy which gives the company to come up with creative ideas for the event. The outsourced event organizers can sit down with the internal team to reach conclusions on the event goals so that they can move to event planning.

Here are the considerations that are taken prior to event designing –

  • The target group or your event’s audience is defined. This depends upon the kind of information you plan to pass along. If it’s for general brand awareness, then your audience will be a larger group of consumers. If it’s about a marketing strategy your company wishes to inform internally, then it will be focused on delegates from within the company.
  • Aligning the goal across the various teams is the next step. As the host of the event, your company must be able to align all the teams across different departments to work together in achieving the goals. Your event organisers will be able to tie up everything together only with enough input from all your company’s internal departments.
  • Integrate your event goals with the internal databases. Irrespective of the audience, this is one step that helps you send out personal invites as well as get a headcount of the number of people who will be present for the event.

Corporate event organizers help in visualizing the perfect blend of business with entertainment, which can wow your clients or pique the interest of your employees. Every single plan is based out of the conditions mentioned above.

Event Promotion

The whole idea of this step is to create a memorable marketing campaign that the event’s attendees will remember. The usual steps like online registration or special invites are sent out to the targeted individuals. An event website is set up to answer all enquiries as well as add any interesting information or advertisement campaigns prior to the event. Social media marketing is another great way to promote the event which also reaches the masses and create hype.

Successful event organizers always use a combination of different mediums to promote the event rather than sticking to one single campaigning method.

The event Plan

The event planner is the part which is executed on the day or days of the event. This includes everything from the onstage programs to off stage networking. Corporate event organizers discuss with the internal team to sent out invites and confirm famous and relevant keynote speakers for the program, which is often the highlight of such events.

These days, events also have event applications available on the attendees’ smartphones, which they can refer to for the event agenda, the name of keynote speakers and so much more. Live networking through instant messaging, live opinion polls and such will be available in an event app to keep things interesting.

Organizing corporate events are no easy task. It requires the event organizing team to sit down with the host company’s organizers and understand the expectations of the stakeholders. The organizers must be constantly on their feet to help the attendees have a great event experience. Feedback can be collected from the attendees’ post-event to aid you to make things better the next time!

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