Creative Event Design Ideas To Set The Bar High

Creative Event Design Ideas To Set The Bar High

The first thing anyone would notice upon entering an event venue is the way every bits and piece of things are designed and arranged in the space. Event Management companies in Dubai try to make an impact by designs inspired by local culture and architecture and giving it a modern twist.

Most event hosts wish to create a visually stunning event venue, which may often go beyond the initial stipulated budget. However, creative venue designs are not necessarily a costly affair. For instance, event management companies in Dubai have come up with — easy ways to set the venue without burning a hole in the hosting client’s pocket by following some simple guidelines –

Effective space utilization

For any event, once the venue is fixed, the next step is to come up with creative ways to utilize the space effectively. More often than not, conventional decorative elements take up a lot more space, leaving less for other ideas that could be implemented.

If given a choice, open spaces are preferred to closed halls by event organisers, as an open space give more freedom and flexibility to let creative elements without congesting a particular venue.

However, in the case of a closed space, simple layout changes like a raised platform for stage space, choice of furniture and basic lighting can create a better sense of the space utilized better.

Comfortable seating

Attendees at an event have seat preferences of their own; some like to sit up front, some at the back and so on. But what everyone like, regardless of their position, is to be comfortable. Whatever be the event, the attendees wish to be seated comfortably to really enjoy being part of the spectacle. This is why comfortable chairs and unique seating arrangements, which doesn’t require the guests to crane their neck or see the centre stage is very important.

Planners working for event management companies in Dubai take special care to make seating arrangements practical yet comfortable. Depending upon the kind of occasion, the seats can change from long benches to individual chairs and from lounge seats to bean bags!

A pop of colour

Venue designs rely a lot on colours. Colourful elements are an integral part of any event venue. Lights, flowers, fabrics and furniture can help give a pop of colour to the venue. Themed events, for example, will follow a set of colours, with everything from chairs to curtains to lunch table napkins all coming under the same colour palette.

Delicious Feast for eyes

It can be said without doubt that the food table draws more by the creative display of the goodies. Edible items made into impressive and playful displays will serve as a feast for eyes as well as for the taste buds.

A chocolate fountain or a fruit punch pool are some of the creative additions you can have for your food table, which adds to the visual beauty of the venue.

Displays that tell a story

Another visually appealing decor is an art of photography display. For family or personal function, a photo display of the client’s personal photographs will add to the intimacy of the setting, giving way to sharing sentimental feelings and beautiful memories.

The same idea can be applied to a formal event too. For instance, a visual display of technological changes that lead to product design is an apt one for a technical exhibition or product launch. In short, visual displays can tell a story about the event.

Be one with nature

One of the most creative ways to bring fresh decorative elements into an event venue is by incorporating natural elements. For instance, organisers form event management companies in Dubai are quite famous for bringing elements like water and fire on to indoor events.

In other instances, outdoor weddings are often decorated with wildflowers, roses, creepers and other earthly elements

Sheets of silk and bits of paper

Fabrics like silk or faux silk are often used for draping parts of the event venue, from the stage backdrops to tablecloths. Likewise, colourful craft paper is another decoration item that can bring in a  fun element to the venue through paper hangings and cutouts.

There are numerous ways to design your event venue and grab attention from the attendees with proper planning and the right budget. Contact your favourite event management company in Dubai for your next event to bring in a fresh breath of fun and creativity to your venue.

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