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Ideas That Take The Stage: Tips To Utilize Your Stage Space Better

Ideas That Take The Stage: Tips To Utilize Your Stage Space Better

How do event organisers set a stage? Almost all events require a stage as the focus centre.  However, the requirements and set up of these stages depend on various factors. Not every event needs a big stage and a stellar setup. So what differentiates the needs for these stages? Let’s take a look at how event management companies in Dubai manage stage set up for both extravagant and modest stage requirements –

The Size Of The Audience

Before you select a venue and design a stage setup, it is important to have a basic idea about the size of the audience. For instance, unlike the popular belief that a large audience needs a large stage, a small stage for a reasonably large audience makes the stage elements standout, create more impact, and make things easily understandable. On the other hand, if your event requires a lot of elements on the stage, it makes more sense to use a bigger stage setup to incorporate all of them.

When event management companies use a small stage for a small audience, they ensure that each small element is met in detail. As the audience can view every aspect on the stage in detail, propping can cover up any possible gaps and direct attention away from minor spacing issues.

Make space feel bigger

To make your stage look bigger in a low ceiling room, set the stage wide. If your event is happening in a room, like for instance a conference room, 90% of the time the ceiling is going to be set low. In that case, making the stage look wider will make it look bigger than it actually is. Event organisers also bring in additional decor elements throughout the venue to make the stage look bigger than it actually is.

Be Aware of the stage space

As the focus centre of an event, the stage takes up some space in the whole venue. When the venue is small it is best if the stage is set against the wall or towards a corner to save space otherwise. Often stage decorations like props and lighting will be heavy and create a congested feel and impact in a smaller stage. For smaller stages LED fixtures can bring in abstract lighting which can highlight the space better than heavy lighting.

On the other hand, larger stages need to be utilized well so that each and every element on the stage has some prominence. This includes the stage decors as well as people on the stage. Use heavy impactful lighting for a larger stage to bring the focus on the centre elements.

The right stage location

When setting a small stage in a room, look for a preexisting backdrop to place your stage. If the preexisting backdrop is perfect for your event, placing a stage at the right location can save costs on overall production values. Elevate the stage to bring more attention to it. If your stage is set at the right location, like a visible spot on entering the venue, it can bring better focus to the event on the stage as people walk in.

OK Middle East Event management company in Dubai work their way through different venues and setups to come up with the best stage setup strategies. Contact today for more innovative stage ideas for your event.

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