We own a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment's along with professional and very straight forward team, comes from various background across different industries employed in-house catering to your rental requirements of:

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  • Truss
  • Sound System
  • Lighting
  • Audio Video
  • Stage
  • Backdrop
  • Tent / Marquee

As we continue to advance in the already progressive 21st-century, if there's one thing that we've seen an exponential rise in, it's the rate of new businesses starting up. As technology has brought us closer to each other than ever before and presented us with a whole host of tools to make our lives easier, this isn't all that surprising, although it does mean that competition is stiffer than ever. Hence, businesses need to compete better, so they may not only remain relevant, but thrive and prosper within their industries. Aside from obviously offering products and services that are of high-quality and dependable, one way companies today get word out and engage with their target markets is via trade shows and exhibitions.


Both of these are excellent channels for introducing a company's brands, services, products and more to relevant markets, and on a large-scale at that too. Furthermore, they help clients familiarise themselves with the products and services, which is essential if you expect them to buy them at some point, and better yet, continue doing so. As you'll soon find out, renting spaces for these sort of events can be expensive, not to mention all of the other expenses you'll be bearing, which is all the more reason to make the most out of them while you can. And to do this, you have to ensure that your exhibition stand is as attractive as possible, allowing you to draw in customers and visitors to your stall, not just to admire the props, but to interact with your sales and marketing people generating leads and eventually income at some point.


One of the biggest question marks most companies have today, is whether to rent or buy their exhibition equipment. This isn't easy to answer right away without first assessing the company as a whole. For instance, how many exhibitions are being currently held? Does it look like this frequency will increase in the future? Though companies tend to assume that investing in their own exhibition equipment is the smart thing to do, if yours doesn't generally participate in trade shows or exhibitions, then renting is the better bet. Remember, the aim is to have a setup that represents your brand as accurately as possible.


Renting exhibition equipment gives you a great deal of flexibility, and also enables you to determine whether you're satisfied with the current setup, or need something more modern and innovative. When you're stuck with an option which is what would happen when purchasing this equipment, you don't have much leave way to make adjustments. Rentals allow you to adapt and change according to the market, and according to your company's needs.


Additionally, if you tend to host such events in different cities or countries, lugging about expensive and heavy equipment across borders isn't entirely practical. It also racks up costs in terms of transport and logistics, which is another complication for start-ups and small businesses in particular. Which is why, we invite you to contact us and take a thorough look at our rental services which'll help you host the best event possible.


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When a company wants to host an event there are so many resources that are required to make it successful. If you are showcasing your products or services at exhibitions it means that you constantly need to make your exhibition stand as attractive as possible.

Companies may question whether they need to buy or rent out the equipment. First and foremost, you need to asses your business requirements and understand if it is worthwhile buying or renting in the long-term. In most cases, renting equipment may be the most effective solution when it comes to representing your business in the public eye in the most accurate way.

With renting equipment comes flexibility. If you are not happy with the current standard of equipment and prefer more modern or customized alternatives, you can make adjustments easily. Unlike buying equipment and then being stuck with it for several years. With equipment rental services you can change your requirements according to suit the market trends and needs of the company.

In addition, not every company hosts events and exhibitions locally. There are times you may be displaying a booth in another country. Hauling your own equipment from one country to another will be more challenging than organizing the event itself. You can avoid these complications and simply rent from our wide selection of rental equipment in Dubai at OK Middle East.

We at OK Middle East provide comprehensive rental services for our clients to make their exhibition successful and impactful. We offer a comprehensive range of rental equipment for events and exhibition stands, including custom-made upholstery solutions.

  • All
  • AV
  • Bar Stools
  • Bar Tables
  • Brochure Stand
  • Coffee Machine
  • Coffee Tables
  • Extension Cables
  • Fridge
  • Meeting Chair
  • Meeting Tables
  • Single Seater Sofa
  • Sofa Set
  • Wooden leg Sofa Ivory #5003

  • Brochure stand Acrylic Wall mounted # 8003

  • Brochure stand Zig Zag in Metal # 8002

  • Brochure stand Zig Zag in Acrylic # 8001

  • Coffee machine Beans to be used directly

  • Coffee machine Grinder to be used

  • Coffee machine Capsules to be used

  • Fridge 90L

  • Fridge

  • Extension Cables 3m long

  • Extension Cables 5m long

  • Extension Cables Universal

  • HDMI cables

  • Stand

  • TV

  • Sofa Set White & Black # 7002

  • Sofa Set White & Black # 7001

  • Coffee 50 cm dia x 70 cm H # 6003

  • Coffee Tables 60×60 cm x 50 cm H # 6002

  • Coffee Tables 60×60 cm x 50 cm H # 6001

  • Metal Arm Sofa White & Black #5004

  • Cup Sofa White & Black #5002

  • Metal Base Sofa White & Black #5001

  • Conference chair # 4004

  • Rotating chair # 4003

  • Moon chair # 4002

  • Plastic Chair # 4001

  • Meeting table – glass top 60 cm dia x 80 cm H # 3002

  • Plastic Conference table 200cm x 60cm x 80 cm H # 3001

  • Bar table Sleek Top # 2003

  • Bar table Plastic top # 2002

  • Bar table Glass top # 2001

  • Barstool Checks #1005

  • Barstool Metal #1004

  • Barstool Metal #1003

  • Barstool Moon #1002

  • Barstool Moon # 1001