What It Takes To Be A Successful Event Management Team

What It Takes To Be A Successful Event Management Team

When you are at an event and gets awed by the way it is planned and executed, do you ever stop for a second to think “ who in the world came up with this stuff! ”? Every event that happens is planned months prior to the date of commencement. It takes the time and effort of a team of individuals who are hardworking and hyper-organized.

The best event management companies in Dubai have some of the best people in their team, who are creative and driven. They help others realize their dreams, by helping organize events that range from corporate conferences, product launches, art exhibitions, weddings, birthdays and fashion shows.

Often quoted as one of the most stressful jobs in the world, event management can be tough for starters but while highly satisfactory for the ones who enjoy their job. So here is a list of qualities you must have to be part of a go-get-it-done event management team.

Attention to detail

A well-executed event is a beautiful compilation of many small, details. When all of that comes together perfectly, it creates a flawless event experience.

And that’s why an event organiser must have great focus and energy and an eye for numbers for any possible spotting mistakes and missouts. They usually create comprehensive checklists, to-do lists and cross check everything from the plate counts to A/V hookups.


This is the core of an event organizer. Every event has to be different and unique and better than the previous one. They are constantly learning, innovating and sharpening their creative side to keep up in the industry. No two events must look or feel the same and it is the job of the event organizer to kick up their creative side and satisfy the client’s needs.

Great communication skills

Event organizers have to interact with a lot of people from various backgrounds, industries and levels of hierarchy, including C-suite executives, sponsors, vendors, caterers and event attendees. Strong communication skills come in handy when they try to bring all these people together and help them understand their roles in planning and executing the event.

The best event managers have good spoken and written communication skills. Many of them are also multilingual and can easily interact in a more than one language.

Strong Analytical skills

Successful event organisers have strong analytical skills. They have quick thinking and can come up with practical solutions to issues within seconds. They are usually calm in the face of a crisis and are able to deal with unforeseen challenges at any given time.


An event management team is basically a team of multitaskers. Even if each one of them is assigned their own specific tasks, they can run more than one task at a time. They are really good at running each other’s errands and making ends meet.

On top of that, an average event organiser has to organize multiple events in the same time frame. And so, multitasking skills are something an event organizer cannot live without.

Negotiation skills

Most events require a number of services that come with a price. While working under a fixed budget, it is important for the event organizer to be able to bargain and negotiate in terms of money and materials and tactfully handle various vendors and sponsors along the way.

Budget and Finance management

Each event has a budget and every single plan or change of plan needs to be in accordance with the money allotted. Estimation of prices, tracking and spending are important skills of every event organiser. They have to regularly juggle with multiple proposals and expense sheets. Money management is, therefore, an important skill.

Team Player

The best event management companies in Dubai boast of skilled teams who can visualize, design and organize and execute any event perfectly. Each event organizer in the team play their part well, coordinate and collaborate with one another to make magic happen. So it is important for the event organisers to be team players to put up a great show for clients.

At the end of the day, event management is not about just skills, checklists and money management – It is about having a genuine passion for creating experiences that last.

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