Trends in Events Management: Focusing On Holistic Wellness

Trends in Events Management: Focusing On Holistic Wellness

A few years before, events management companies started focusing on offering a healthier meal to event audiences as part of promoting a wellness culture. But over the years, it became more holistic, focusing not just on the meals, but also on the people’s personal values, expectations and being mindful of their interests. In short, events are more customer-focused than ever before.


Event management companies in Dubai have come up with unique ways of incorporating the idea of holistic wellness into their events. Even in the past, event planning has tried to incorporate one or two of these trends, which are audience experience driven.


An event that is aligned with the audience’s personal lives helps them connect better to the event and its ideas. So here are some of the trends, that needs to be taken up by event management companies for planning and executing better events.


The Menu Redone


Wellness events appeared by making changes in an event’s menu by going in favour of organic produce. As the attendees, these organic products appear to be more appealing than regular food choices. Health conscious diets and meal plans are a huge success when combined with event execution.


Programs that promote better living


Events are of all kinds. But the ones that promote better living are better received. For instance, an event of mental health awareness with meditation and mind exercises will be better received than simply trying to sell a product or service to help with stress relief and work-life balance. The idea of Holistic events is to identify the interconnections and work out a better way to promote one thing by giving away free information valuable for the audience in some other form.


Increase Offline Time


Staying offline is a sure way of improving the wellness of your audience. Event management companies in Dubai are known to promote events that need people to be on the move rather than sitting on a spot.

Allowing the audience mobility puts them in a unique position where they can take breaks and unwind which improves the overall success of any event – even a tech conference. Long hours of being sedentary pave the way to loss of focus. A little moment and goes a long way.


Interactive sessions to stay focused


Sometimes, the event management team recognizes the need for livening up the audience through interactive sessions. Holistic wellness doesn’t include a question and answers session held during the event. It is more about what goes around it. For instance, conferences that last more than a day at a venue can be made holistic by bringing in a session of aerobics workout for the delegates that end an hour or two prior to the commencement of the actual event. Such innovative changes in the event agenda can bring in the idea of promoting wellness and healthy living.


Choose a venue that promotes wellness


Not all venues are suited for bringing together a holistic wellness event. Since such an event needs more flexibility with the catering service and a customized program agenda, you need to find a good location that permits such events to be hosted.

By making a difference and doing some good in the local community, attendees will walk away from the meeting satisfied that they contributed and stepped outside of themselves. Studies show that when people give back they are likely to become a loyal customer.


Giving back to society


As most consumer brands agree, it is everyone’s responsibility to do their bit for the society. Event management companies in Dubai live by the motto that what flows in goes out to the society through their audience. If the audience is engaged enough in an event, he or she can be a propagator of the ideas proposed in the event. And invents that promote wellness living, there is always a take away for everyone.

Trends come and go in the event management industry. But the ones with a vision thrives.

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